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Mario Ninfo


Prior to his legal career, Mario S. Ninfo offered his honored services in the United States Army from 1968 to 1969, in the Republic of Vietnam while dispensed to the 48th Transportation Battalion in Long Binh Post. Soon, he was given responsibility of the battalion’s legal department, where he handled all military disciplinary and criminal cases ranging from Article 15 to general court-martial. Notwithstanding his position as the Battalion’s Chief Legal Clerk, he was assigned on convoys that delivered supplies to other military posts at various locations, during which Mr. Ninfo experienced life threatening situations, often exchanging gunfire with the enemy. While riding shotgun on a convey transporting food supplies to DaNang, he was shot and wounded in left hand and leg, while the driver and friend “FM Smith, was instantly killed when the mortar struck him and severed his head.

Mr. Ninfo was honorably discharged in 1969 and accepted a position as a probation officer in Berks County Court of Common Pleas, in the state of Pennsylvania. He remained in this position for 11 years. Though dedicated to his duties as a probation officer, Mr. Ninfo also wished to expand his skills in other fields.

In or about 1972, Mr. Ninfo extended his expertise into general contracting, gathering experience in construction that ranged from the foundation to the roof, including electrical installations, framing, plumbing and all finish work for residential and commercial buildings. This experience has allowed Mr. Ninfo to offer personable services and professional relief in contractor disputes relating to defects and unprofessional workmanship in newly constructed homes.

Mr. Ninfo also was a restaurant entrepreneur. He has owned and operated several successful restaurants in Reading, Pennsylvania, “Mario Famous Pizza & Salad Chef,” that have given thousands of customers a taste of real quality cuisine. This has allowed him to properly defend clients who may have become ill due to food poisoning or an injury associated with a restaurant.

After selling all of his own restaurants and real estate holdings, Mr. Ninfo finally attended Alvernia Georgia College at age 40. In 1990, Mr. Ninfo graduated cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in political science. In 1994, he received his law degree from John Marshall School of Law, also with honors. As the founder of the Law Offices of Ninfo & Associates, PC, Mr. Ninfo established his practice in 2004 and has proudly served all of Georgia for 25 years in all fields of law, with emphasis on family law including divorce, child support, terminations of parental rights, pre-marital agreements, juvenile law, Wills, Estates, personal injury, workers comp, work discrimination, commercial law including construction, Homeowners Associations, corporate law, and criminal law, in all court levels.

Mr. Ninfo has served the community in other areas including, but not limited to, public defender for the city of Jackson, and attorney for city of Porterdale, during which he successfully created a “local law training seminar” for law enforcement officers.

Mr. Ninfo’s general trial practice is based on his fulfilling career as a military officer associated with military law, his service as a probation officer, a general contractor, real estate Broker in Charge, and a restaurant entrepreneur. He is dedicated to the citizens of Georgia far beyond working as their attorney. He proudly accepted the role as the Public Defender for the city of Jackson, Ga., for six years and provided criminal defense in all types of misdemeanors: battery, obstruction of law enforcement officer, DUI and other traffic violations.

Mr. Ninfo is an active member in good standing of the State Bar of Georgia, the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association and the Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. He has represented clients in both state and federal courts pertaining to nearly every legal field available. Justice and equality are two goals that Mr. Ninfo supports for everyone, and he has made it his personal crusade to see that every citizen he represents receives more than their fair share. For providing pro bono representation to many underprivileged clients in Georgia, he has been recognized for his focus and zeal by the State Bar of Georgia.

Mr. Ninfo is also an active Real Estate Broker-in-Charge in Georgia and South Carolina and is the President-Owner of SandMar Realty. This allows him to understand market values, appraising procedure in real estate, market conditions, and all such matters concerning depreciation, and important contractual rights with regard to dual and exclusive agency created by and between Sellers and Buyers.

Mr. Ninfo and staff are always ready to represent all clients in virtually all legal matters in all court levels with great zeal and enthusiasm. set up consultations with the attorneys in record time. Regardless of whether you are an existing client or are seeking new services, feel free to call or simply visit our office today for an easygoing, efficient and productive legal experience.

Lynne Perkins-Brown


Retired Magistrate Judge in Morgan County, GA and former prosecutor in Washington DC.

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